To become a member, you must be of legal age, with a current P.A.L. Membership application here.

Your yearly membership of $795+ GST includes:


  • Access to the course during operating hours without an appointment.

  • 1000 targets!

  • Target card and ID.

  • As a member, you can bring up to 4 guests** per visit.

  • Reduced cost of additional targets. Pay only $480 + GST for 1000 clays. 

  • Purchase ammunition through Beaverhill. 12 gauge and 20 gauge shells available. Price per flat (250 rounds) fluctuates; please call for price info. 

  • You will be assigned a locking shoot box to keep your target card, so you never forget it at home, and our staff can refill it when you purchase more targets.

  • Membership renewal is only $695.00 + GST and due March 1st. 

Membership Access May to October: 


  • Monday to Saturday 9am-8:30pm, Sunday Noon-8:30pm. (Last shot 8:30pm)


  • Pending maintenance and tournament schedule, the full 25 station sporting clay course, 5-stand, skeet, and wobble trap will be available.

Membership Access November to April: 


  • 9am-4:30pmSunday Noon-4:30pm.


  • Open when the weather is warmer than –5c. 


  • Sporting Clays course is reduced to 12-15 stations. 


  • 5-stand is open.


  • Skeet and wobble trap are closed for the winter.


  • No access to the facility on Dec 25th. Re-opens on Boxing day @ noon.

We also offer corporate memberships. For inquiries and corporate membership pricing please contact us.

For any additional information on membership or renewal, please contact us

  • all times, costs, and conditions are subject to change without notice



  • Upon renewal, you can transfer up to 1000 targets from the previous year. If you do not renew your membership, any existing targets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and void as of March 1st.