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To become a member, you must be of legal age, with a current P.A.L. Membership application here.

Your yearly membership of $795+ GST includes:


  • Access to the course during operating hours without an appointment.

  • 1000 targets!

  • Target card and ID.

  • As a member, you can bring up to 4 guests* per visit.

  • Reduced cost of additional targets. Pay only $525 + GST for 1000 clays. 

  • Purchase ammunition through Beaverhill. 12 gauge and 20 gauge shells available. Price per flat (250 rounds) fluctuates; please call for price info. 

  • You will be assigned a locking shoot box to keep your target card, so you never forget it at home, and our staff can refill it when you purchase more targets.

Membership Access May to October: 


  • Monday to Saturday 9am-8:30pm, Sunday Noon-8:30pm. (Last shot 8:30pm)


  • Pending maintenance and tournament schedule, the full 25 station sporting clay course, 5-stand, skeet, and wobble trap will be available.

Membership Access November to April: 


  • 9am-4:30pmSunday Noon-4:30pm.


  • Open when the weather is warmer than –5c. 


  • Sporting Clays course is reduced to 12-15 stations. 


  • 5-stand is open.


  • Skeet and wobble trap are closed for the winter.


  • No access to the facility on Dec 25th. Re-opens on Boxing day @ noon.

We also offer corporate memberships. For inquiries and corporate membership pricing please contact us.

For any additional information on membership or renewal, please contact us

  • all times, costs, and conditions are subject to change without notice



  • Upon renewal, you can transfer up to 1000 targets from the previous year. If you do not renew your membership, any existing targets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and void as of March 1st.

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