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About Beaverhill

Beaverhill Sporting Clays is a family owned and operated membership-based shotgun only facility, with non-members welcome by appointment. We are proud of our “World Class Sporting Facility” with 25 Sporting Clay stations, five-stand, skeet field, and wobble trap. The course is fully automated with a target key card system that allows our clients to shoot any target with the same key card and allows solo shooters to pull their own targets. 

Located in beautiful Aspen Parkland that lends it’s self perfectly to Sporting Clays, our course is a 2.5 km loop filled with rolling hills, tree surrounded coves, ponds, and open grassland to forge exiting and varying target presentations. No two rounds of sporting will be the same. We frequently manipulate the presentations to keep things fresh and design varying presentations for both the experienced and novice shooter.

We supply complimentary pull carts if you want to enjoy a pleasant walk around the course (we highly recommend it, it’s a great walk), but we offer golf cart rentals as well. You are welcome to bring your own ATV, providing you stay on the path, do not exceed speeds of 10kph, and the vehicle is equipped with a vertical gun rack. For safety reasons, horizontal racks are not permitted.

Before you come out, have a look at our video safety presentation.

About Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays can be thought of as golf with a shotgun.  Like a golf course, no two Sporting Clay fields are the same, and like a golf hole, each shooting station presents a unique challenge with different targets.

Sporting Clay targets are sometimes called clay pigeons or simply “clays”. These biodegradable targets range in size, but the standard clay is a 4 ¼ -inch (10.8cm) disks painted bright orange for visibility. 

Clays are launched through the air in different flight patterns; they can be high, low, across, towards, away, straight up, and even bounce along the ground!

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