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Beaverhill Etiquette

Please respect other shooters by standing well back.

Pick up empty hulls and place them in the bucket before leaving the stand. 

Return the I-Pull controller to the holder. 

Please stay on the pathways and don’t exceed the posted speed limit of 10 km/h while on the course.

3 Button Delay Tutorial

5 Button Delay Tutorial


  • All shooters must adhere to and abide by the Canadian (Federal Government) firearms laws and regulations.


  • Gun safety to be practiced by all.

  • Only firearms permitted on the property are SHOTGUNS.

  • Tactical shotguns are expressly prohibited

  • Gun Barrel length must be greater than 24 inches

  • Shell Shot size allowed is no larger than 7 ½’s (7 ½’s, 8`s,9`s) maximum load is 1 1/8 oz Maximum number of shells allowed in firearm is two (2) Shooting stands must always be used. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • No moving of Stand or Swing Arms Allowed Guns are to be loaded and unloaded only when thru the shooting window.

  • Actions must be open when leaving shooting stands.

  • Break-action shotguns may be closed while in gun racks, gun cases or in carts, but must be unloaded All other shotguns in gun racks, gun cases or in carts must be unloaded and the action will remain open

  • The use of horizontal gun racks or horizontal gun cases is not permitted

  • Hearing and Eye Protection mandatory

  • Closed-toe footwear only. Open-toe footwear is not permitted.

  • A hat is strongly recommended

  • No attempt to, load, fix, or alter throwing machines is permitted. If you encounter a problem, move to the next station, and report it to a staff member.

  • Carts and ATVs must not exceed 10kph and must stay on the path.

  • You must have fun!

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